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Customer Vehicle Detailing

"Detailing" a car and "cleaning" a car are two very different things.  At Jay-Bee, we know the difference and prove it every day. Our detailing package options are set up to suit your needs. It’s really simple, you get your detail the way you want it, without paying for things you do not want or need.

Interior Only

For customers who want the interior of their car thoroughly cleaned, shampooed and dressed.
Cost $150.00

Exterior Only

For customers that want the exterior finish thoroughly cleaned, buffed, polished, paint touch-up and dressed.
Cost $150.00

Super Detail

For customers that want the interior thoroughly cleaned and detailed with the exterior washed, waxed and glazed to remove light scratches. No buffing of the car exterior.
Cost $190

Premier Detail – "Most Popular"

For customers who want a complete detail of their car and are not interested in the additional applications of our "excellence package". This package is a complete interior and exterior detail which includes spot buffing, paint touch-up and machine polishing.
Cost $240.00

Excellence Detail – "Best Overall Value"

For customers who want the works, this includes claying the finish flat surfaces to remove acid rain and rail dust sediments within the finish. It also includes paint sealant which provides lasting protection for your paint finish.
Cost $300.00

Additional charges apply for:

  • Larger cars such as vans, SUV's and trucks.
  • Buffing applications for black and dark colors.
  • Cars deemed to be excessively dirty.
  • Excessive pet hair removal.

Customer Comments:

"It's too clean I am almost afraid to drive it."
"That can't be my car."
"It's fantastic, I'll be bringing in my daughters car tomorrow."
"I never thought my car would be this clean again."
"Detailed my car and it turned out beautiful. This is the best body shop in town."
"I will always go to Jay-Bee for detailing for my car."

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