I've Just Been in an Accident, What Should I Do?

What to do at the accident scene:

  1. Stop! Do not leave the scene. If your car is creating a safety hazard or you are concerned with your personal safety, move to a safer place.
  2. Check for Injuries. Life and health are more important than damage to vehicles.
  3. Note specific damage to all vehicles.
  4. Call the police immediately and follow their instructions.
  5. Write down accident information including names, addresses, & license numbers of persons involved and the description(s) of the other vehicles.
  6. Write down witness information. This assists in verifying how the accident actually happened.
  7. Exchange vehicle and insurance information with the other party(ies) to the accident.
  8. Do not sign any document unless it is requested by the police or your insurance company.

The proper steps to take after a collision:

  1. Contact your insurance company or insurance agent immediately after the accident.
  2. Call Jay-Bee Collision Repair Center to arrange towing if your vehicle is not drivable. After hours, towing assistance is available by calling (262) 657-2190.
  3. If your vehicle has already been towed to a storage lot, minimize storage charges by moving your vehicle to Jay-Bee Collision Repair Center as soon as possible. If your insurance company requests that you obtain an estimate on your own, Jay-Bee Collision Repair Center will provide a free estimate of repairs and assist you with your claim. Jay-Bee Collision Repair Center works with all insurance carriers.
  4. If your insurance company will be writing the estimate, your claim will be assigned an adjuster that will review the damage to your vehicle onsite at Jay-Bee Collision Repair Center.
  5. We will explain the repair process to you before we begin and encourage your questions.
  6. Authorize Jay-Bee Collision Repair Center to repair your vehicle by signing a work authorization. This authorization allows us to converse with your insurance company on your behalf to ensure proper repairs and payment.
  7. Ask us to make the arrangements for a shuttle or a rental vehicle. Your transportation needs during the repair process are important to us.
  8. We want you to be completely satisfied with the repairs to your vehicle. Jay-Bee Collision Repair Center will provide a Lifetime Warranty on the repairs to your vehicle.