. . . into our 3rd generation and still growing . . .

Joe Brand founded Jay-Bee Collision Repair Center in 1945 as Jay-Bee Paint Shop. At that time, Joe was the recognized leader of auto painting in Kenosha and did strictly auto and truck painting. In the late 1950’s, Joe hired an auto body technician and started doing complete auto body repair, restoration and collision repairs. Joe saw his business grow and found it necessary to move to larger facilities. In 1966, he settled into a building on 22nd Avenue in the center of Kenosha. A decade and a half later he sold the business to his sons Tom and Jack. In the late 80’s Tom bought the business from Jack. The business outgrew its 22nd Avenue location, and in 2001 Jay-Bee Collision Repair Center moved to its present location at 5419 Washington Road in Kenosha, WI.

When Joe Brand opened his first paint shop he believed in applying the highest professional standard to his trade. Joe Brand was a man of high moral and ethical standards. All who knew him respected him as a man of high Christian principles who always treated people with honesty and sincerity. He set the standard that has been followed by his son Tom. Tom grew the business based on his father’s principles, to the point that Jay-Bee is now one of the leaders in southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

And now the 3rd generation is involved. Jen (Brand) Fisher with her husband Gary has entered into the business ensuring that the principles started by Joe Brand will continue: "Treat people with fairness and dignity, provide a pleasant atmosphere, educate employees, and always adhere to the highest moral and ethical standards."