Repair Process


Jay-Bee offers the convenience of Drive-Thru Estimating. Our clean, well-lit bays provide you with a pleasant experience from the start of the repair process. This controlled environment also allows us to more accurately assess the damage. We employ all the necessary computerized estimating systems required to deal with all insurance companies. Our computerized estimating systems gives you an accurate and detailed listing of the repairs to be made. Please keep in mind estimates are just that, they are created with the initial visual inspection of your vehicle. On simpler jobs, this type of estimate is usually relatively accurate. However, on larger impacts there is usually damage that cannot be properly assessed until the blueprinting process when we completely disassemble the damaged areas of your vehicle.

Claims Process

  • Once a job is scheduled for repair, parts are ordered from the initial estimate and are scheduled to arrive based on the scheduled repair start date.
  • We realize that you have more important things to worry about than submitting an insurance claim when you are in an accident. That is why the friendly office staff at Jay-Bee handles all the paperwork for your claim. We work with the insurance company to get you the best repair job.
  • We are a direct repair facility and appraiser for many insurance companies. This eliminates the hassle of running around to get multiple estimates and cuts the approval time significantly.

Repair Blueprinting

Once your car is received for repair we blueprint the process in which your repairs will be conducted by taking the following steps.

1. Thorough Disassembly

  • Wash vehicle
  • Uncover all damaged parts or sub-assemblies

2. Blueprinting

  • Inspect disassembled parts for damage
  • Economical parts sourcing (Based on your insurance policy requirements)
  • Repair and refinish plan finalized
  • Any additional required parts are ordered for expedited delivery to prevent or minimize delays in the repair process

3. Auditing

  • Estimator, Body Technician, and Painter ensure blueprint accuracy
  • Submit revised repair plan to insurer
  • Repairs continue – reduce set-up times in reassembly

Body/Frame Repair

  • In the structural repair area, the unitized body is returned back to its factory specifications. A computerized measuring system is used to monitor all phases in this area. This system assures the accuracy of the repairs.
  • The auto body repair department replaces any exterior panels and all metal finishing that is required prior to the paint refinish phase.


  • At Jay-Bee Collision Repair, we use what we believe to be the finest materials and equipment along with highly skilled and trained paint technicians to restore your vehicle's finish back to its factory-like condition.
  • We proudly use Standox paints. Standox is a leading manufacturer of automotive refinishing paints.  With its headquarters in Wuppertal, Germany, the company offers innovative and environmentally compatible product systems in over 80 countries.  Standox has achieved the largest number of approvals from all leading automotive manufacturers. This makes Standox the preferred partner of professional independent and franchised collision centers.


  • Once the paint refinish work is complete, your vehicle goes into final reassembly. At this point, all parts painted off the car are re-installed as well as moldings, lamp fixtures etc.
  • Any repairs that included frame or suspension work of any kind will be test driven by the repair technician or shop supervisor to ensure everything is correct.
  • Final inspections are made of all repairs and the vehicle is released to delivery prep.

Delivery Prep

  • We wash, vacuum and do a general cleaning of the interior to make sure to remove dust that may have accumulated from the repair process and to say thank you for your business.
  • Once complete the estimator who wrote the initial estimate then makes one last inspection of your vehicle.


  • One of our office staff will call to inform you that the repairs are complete and your vehicle is ready for delivery.
  • When you arrive your vehicle will be in front of our office so you can see the final product immediately.
  • We will go over the final bill with you and will gladly answer any repair question you may have.
  • Your final paperwork includes a copy of our  Lifetime Guarantee. 
  • Any deductible is due to Jay-Bee Collision Repair Center at the time you take delivery. We accept cash, credit cards, or in-state checks only.